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Hello everyone,
  As I am sure you are aware we have been watching the Covid-19 numbers on a daily basis for the last
several months. While the numbers have been steadily decreasing it is very apparent that the threat has had a significant impact on the feelings of many people.
  As of today, we have only received approximately sixty percent of the registrations needed to just
break even financially to hold a Samboree. This lack of participation along with the smallest possibility of someone coming down with the virus has been weighing very heavily on us for several weeks now.  With the size of Sun Hall at the campground, even with everyone wearing masks, it would be virtually  impossible to social distance during the Samgo (bingo) games without severely limiting the number of participants which would be unfair to the others wanting to play. The indoor card games, as well as the bean bag baseball and holey board games, would require all players to wear rubber gloves while handling the cards, dominoes, washers, and bean bags impacting not only abilities but also the enjoyment of the activity being played. With the possibility of exposure, we have not been able to get any RV dealers willing to come and display units as usual. With all of these restrictions being placed on us we just don’t believe that we can provide the Florida Samboree experience that everyone loves and has come to look forward to.
  I think by now you know where this is heading and after many prayers and sleepless nights it is with
very heavy hearts and shattered hopes of being able to get back together once again that Debbie and I feel, out of our obligation to look after not only the best interests of Good Sams of Florida but also each one of you or to take the risk of putting anyone in the potential risk of harms way, it is necessary that we cancel the Fall Samboree at this time.
  We will begin issuing refunds in the next several days and hope to get them to you very quickly.
  Thank you for your understanding and prayers as we look forward and begin planning the Spring
2022 Samboree in April in Okeechobee for which we hope these restrictions will have been lifted and
we can go back to enjoying the Samborees once again! May God Bless each of you and please stay safe!
Disheartened but Hopeful
                                                         Joe and Debbie Weston, State Directors
                                                                   Good Sams of Florida, Inc.